October 20, 2013

Pass It On

Some years ago I had the great honor of working under the direction of Joanna Quinn at her studio -Beryl Productions- on one of their animated commercials. This one was for Charmin Toilet Paper. I did the rough animation after which the crew at Beryl took over to do clean-up and rendering. All this was done on paper and cells back then.

I had a great time working on it and after many years I am still very proud to have been part of this production.

October 17, 2013

Animated Zwitsal Commercials

Here are a couple of commercials I animated a while ago for Zwitsal and Comic House. The animation was based on the well-known logo by Zwitsal and I had to animate the rest of the body in the same style and with the same graphic quality, which was a challenge because the logo is very flat and abstracted and the body had to have a somewhat more plastic, or spatial, quality to be able to do what the client wanted.

The result is a bit quirky, I find, but there it is.
(The quality is funky but, forgive me, this is the best I could do.)