Life Drawings Part 4

First sessions in a long time making me feel quite rusty.

Ticking Away is online.

So, it's finally time to expose my short film to the rest of the world (for those who didn't notice it on my other blog). It's had a nice festival run for the past one and a half years and now it's here for everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Ticking Away Festival Run

A little announcement from my other blog, the one concerning my short animated film Ticking Away: Now that it's festival run has come to an end we are preparing the online release. I'll be linking it here as well of course, so please check back soon.

Elsa and the Night

Here is a little animation test of something I'm working on at the moment. It's a short animated film directed by Jöns Mellgren based on his book "Elsa and the Night".  It's a very moving tale about grief and acceptance. Highly recommended!

Life Drawings Part 3

A follow up on part one and two:

Showreel 2017

Aaaannd... I made a new showreel. :)

Award for Best Animation at Shortcutz Amsterdam!

Our short film Ticking Away has won Best Animation at the Shortcuts Amsterdam Annual Awards!

Here's the trailer for those of you who haven't seen it.

Ethel & Ernest

Here is the trailer for "Ethel & Ernest". It was my great honor to work on this film (as key animator) alongside a bunch of tremendously talented artists.

The film is based on the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs which chronicles the marriage of Briggs' parents from the 1920's to the 1970's and will be released in cinemas in October 2016. The guys from Cartoon Brew and Animatieblog wrote an article about it.


Trying out TVPaint's custombrushes.

Ticking Away promotional stills

So we've finished my short film 'Ticking Away'. On my other blog I've been posting more regularly giving insights into how the production of a film like this is realized. So please go ahead and take a look.

The going was hard but the film looks to be done now. What's ahead of us now is sending it in to Film and Animation Festivals all over the globe, hoping that it'll get selected. Fingers crossed! 

Here are a few promotional stills that I've lifted from the film to get festivals and audiences interested in Ticking Away.

Sesame Street "Boodschap"

A very short animated piece that I made last year for Dutch Sesame Street. The poem was written by Floortje Schoevaart and the read out by Aart Staartjes.

And a work-In-progress is always fun and insightful, I find, so here ya go.

Some character sketches.

Ticking Away

For quite a while now I have been working on my short film "Ticking Away". It's a hand drawn animated short film that's been on my liver for many years and now it's nearing completion. After that it will hopefully enter the festival circuit to finally be seen by an audience.

I've set up a separate blog to showcase the artwork that I, and my collaborators have been doing for this.

Here's the address: 
Additionally, I've set up a Facebook page.

So please head over and click on "Like this page" if you are interested and want to keep informed.

I will be using the "Ticking Away" blog and FB page for updates and news concerning the production of "Ticking Away" and I will keep this blog (SewieBlog) for my other stuff. Just so you know!

Character Sketches

Here are some exploratory sketches I did for a 2d animation job that, unfortunately, fell through. Bummer..! I have the feeling that the essence of a character comes out more strongly in roughs.

Sesame Street "Naam"

Here's another little diddy I made for Sesame Street in the Netherlands. It's a little poem written by Ben Kuijpers who wrote it for his granddaughter named Isabel. The snappy voice-over is by Sesame Street actress Lot.

For those of you who like a look behind the curtains; here are some explorations I usually do when I try to figure out what I want the characters in the animation to look like. Just sketching away to see what comes up. It can go off in every direction and most of it obviously stays unused, but who knows, these kids may find their use in another production some day.

(I just lifted these doodles unedited from the workfiles I have. I noticed just now that some characters are shameless copies from the work of colleagues I admire. As long as you eventually don't really use them; anything goes when you go exploring, I suppose.)   

The next video is the storyboard that was presented to the client and the one below that is a rough version of the animation. 

Hope you like it. It was great fun to do!


This is a selection of illustrations I made for Franconville. An educational program that was set up by ThiemeMeulenhoff to teach Dutch school kids French language and grammar.


Life Drawings Part 2

Here is a follow-up on life drawings part 1.