August 15, 2011

Showreel 2011

Here is a selection of the animation projects I have worked on over the years. It's a real potpourri of different styles and scenes in various stages of completeness but it gives an idea of what I do. Amongst it are projects I worked on for Comic House and Beryl Productions and bits of my own short animated projects; some finished and some works-in-progress. (More about that later.)

August 14, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

I have a Blog! I'm Michael Sewnarain (that's long-form for Sewie) my website has gotten old and cumbersome to update so I took it off-line for now (will be back soon, new and improved!) so I will be posting my creative rumblings over here; look forward to some old stuff, new stuff, making-off's, works in progress, sketches and whatnot. Everything straight from the dungeon!