Sesame Street "Naam"

Here's another little diddy I made for Sesame Street in the Netherlands. It's a little poem written by Ben Kuijpers who wrote it for his granddaughter named Isabel. The snappy voice-over is by Sesame Street actress Lot.

For those of you who like a look behind the curtains; here are some explorations I usually do when I try to figure out what I want the characters in the animation to look like. Just sketching away to see what comes up. It can go off in every direction and most of it obviously stays unused, but who knows, these kids may find their use in another production some day.

(I just lifted these doodles unedited from the workfiles I have. I noticed just now that some characters are shameless copies from the work of colleagues I admire. As long as you eventually don't really use them; anything goes when you go exploring, I suppose.)   

The next video is the storyboard that was presented to the client and the one below that is a rough version of the animation. 

Hope you like it. It was great fun to do!