Berwtje KPN

Some time ago I was asked to work on a pitch for the Dutch telecom provider KPN. They were looking for a character to make their brand just a bit more accessible and appealing. The main purpose for this character was to help their clients and customers find their way through their services and products as well as to help the client, either through animation, stills or illustrated print, work through the manuals and setting of KPN's telecom products. (Which can be quite a hassle, I can tell from experience!)

I came up with this happy little chap.

The smiley-like round form was a given concept from the agency with which I had to work. 
I chose the graphic look and simple forms of the eyes and mouth to have his expressions read clearly at a single glance and in many different sizes. Putting the face high up in the circle gave the suggestion of a chin and belly which added a bit more character. The gold tooth is an added accent to offset his cuteness somewhat.

I the end this design lost, though. Too bad but KPN and the agency wanted to go for a  more traditional look and opted for a 3D/CGI character designed by some other illustrator/designer.