A while ago I was asked to participate to make a short film for a, part art, part educational-project called "DICHT/VORM Klassiers". The idea was to connect classic Dutch poets and their contemporary artists with present day animation. Quite a challenge!

From a number of poems I chose Regen (Rain) by J.H. Leopold and wrote a synopsis, visually connecting (my interpretation) of the poem's tenor to the more abstract paintings of Paul Klee.

The end result was to be no longer than 2 minutes and to give the whole thing the scope I wanted. I chose to compose the 2d animation, which was done -the old fashioned way- on paper, in a 3d environment.

All the elements and objects were drawn by hand and then placed in a 3d environment. Here's a screenshot of the 3d setup.

Looks a bit daunting, doesn't it? Rendered out it eventually looked like this:

In the end it worked out quite well, I think. I especially like the pacing and the atmosphere, thanks in no small part to the brilliant and effective music that was composed by Harry Koopman.

Here is the result, like I said; it's an oldy, but (if I may say so myself) still okay.